Swinging Couples and Single Males

Swinging Couples and Single Males

Like every other dating or swinging community, single males are the majority.

Special measurements

Unfortunalty we have to take special measurements because some do not read the profiles of our couples. Not all couples are interested in single guys – or at least not at the moment. They have mentioned this in their profile and still are getting private messages.

Please be respectful and read profiles before sending messages!


Block Users

We have added the option to block users, this is still in development and more of a “quick fix” for those poor couples who need to deal with all the horny single guys 😀

  • We will also enable blocking user types in the future (example: block all single guys) so that our couples who are not interested don’t need to block all the single guys manually.
  • Blocked Users will not be able to view your Profile
  • Blocked Users will not be able to see your Profile in the members list
  • Blocked Users will not be able to see your Activity
  • Users who have blocked other users will not see them in the members list anymore

Couples who are currently not interested in singles will most likely message you first when they do want to have some single action!

It's disappointing to have to implement restrictions of any kind but it's more important to us to preserve the fun experience of rule abiding members who respect the wishes of others.