User Registration/Sign up

How do I Sign up for Swinging Bunny?

This is a quick guide to explain how our registration process works. Please note, my mother tongue is German and my Partner will update spelling mistakes as soon as possible.

1. Account and Profile Details

You can freely select visibility of your Account and Profile Details, already during registration.

2. Varification Image

You’re required to upload an image of yourself (if your are single) or with your partner (if you’re a pair), holding up something with the words “swing with me/us” – anything bunny-related will do ;). Should your Partner not be available at time of registration, please upload a verification photo of yourself. After approval we will give you a few days to refresh your verification Image with your Partner.

3. What happens next?

After you completed your registration you will receive a E-mail to validate your E-mail Address. Please make sure to check your Spam folder as well! Your Account will still be deactivated until an Administrator approves your Varification Image.

User Registration Sign

4. Privacy

The Verification Image will only be visible to you and us Admins.

No guests are able to see your uploads. You Photos are not Indexed by Google. Should you delete your Account, all of your Information including your uploads will be permanently deleted from our Servers. Direct URLs are disabled, which means that your uploads are visible to logged in users (or friends..depending on your settings) but no direct access is possible.
We have deactivated the mouse right click function just in case and are currently in development of watermarking all images that are saved from the website.

We hope this helps? - please let us know if you have any further Questions.